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This program has evolved with the changing times.   Currently TEF identifies our own Tox Topics aimed primarily at a general public audience that teachers may also find useful (see the Suitable for Classroom tab within Educational Resources).   Initially this program was able to provide professional development opportunities and disseminate quality curricula developed by others to teachers throughout the United States to support science education reform and increase toxicology literacy.    TEF is pleased to have contributed in the past to the following organizations and initiatives:

$150,000 — Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute at the University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey

Workshops training leaders to disseminate the ToxRAP™ curriculum through teacher training at Community Outreach and Education Programs at NIEHS Centers.

$10,000 — University of Washington Department of Environmental Health

Distribution of the Essentials of Cell Biology: Toxicology in Action CD-ROM to teachers in high school and introductory college courses.

$8,000 — The Society of Toxicology Subcommittee for K–12 Education

“Paracelsus Goes to School” workshop for teachers of grades 6–12 offered at the 2001 SOT annual meeting.


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