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TEF develops educational materials and supports the creation of materials by others for both adult educational outreach and classroom education.

YouTube Videos

Working with SOT and other partners, TEF has embarked on production of short, informative and entertaining YouTube videos to continue to educate the public about toxicology principles.  The first in this new series–“Toxicity Today”–launched in 2015.   With additional funding, TEF hopes to produce other video resources while building partnerships with like-minded organizations to disseminate reliable toxicology information to the public.


“Is It Safe?” Going Global

TEF continues to work to translate the “Is It Safe?” video and materials into other languages for global education.

TEF Exhibitor Booth

Funding and schedules permitting, TEF is receptive to opportunities to bring our display to appropriate gatherings where participants are interested in helping out with toxicology educational activities for the public. For example, TEF has participated at annual meetings of the Society of Toxicology.

TEF Website Resources Development

The TEF website is designed to help the general public, including teachers, to find appropriate and trustworthy toxicology-related information. To accomplish this, we provide access to information produced by a wide variety of sources.  This information may also serve toxicology professionals seeking materials suitable for use in public education and outreach activities.  Professionals with expertise in areas other than toxicology (e.g. journalists, health care providers, and others) may also find the site useful.

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