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“¿Es Seguro?” Video – Español

TEF has developed and provides audiovisual materials for the public and for health professionals to use in presentations to the public in partnership with NIEHS and others in the private sector. The goal of "Is It Safe? Evaluating Chemical Risks" is to empower the public to make good decisions about risk associated with every day products.  

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“Is it Safe?” Written Primer

TEF has produced a written primer to stand alone or work in conjunction with "Is It Safe?"to educate the public on the safe use of chemicals. We aim to distribute these materials to groups who will benefit from the knowledge we can provide. The materials will also help toxicologists give presentations to the general public.      

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is it safe?

“Is It Safe?” is a free educational video created by TEF with a video production company.   “Is It Safe?”  has been widely distributed to scientists and lay people educating society about public health.   It is also currently available on this website in Spanish and in English with Japanese subtitles. With additional funding, extension of the "Is It Safe?" messages to all major languages to make it accessible to audiences worldwide is one of TEF's goals.   This initiative, co-funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences ...

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