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In “Toxicity Today” viewers will enjoy a comic taste of the “sometimes not poisonous and sometimes very poisonous” Botox® and the not always as safe as you think overconsumption of water – brought to you by the Toxicology Education Foundation (, a resource for information about chemicals in our world and tips for how we can evaluate health risks while reaping the benefits of medicines and other chemicals.

To learn more about Botulinum Toxin and Botox®, Water Intoxication (dilutional hyponatremia), Basics of Dose and Exposure, and Hazard vs. Risk, see those Tox Topics.

Toxicity Today” was produced by Sequel Media with funding from the Toxicology Education Foundation and the Society of Toxicology. Toxicology concepts and communication methods were developed with input from an expert Steering Committee and Working Group.

Please consider a donation to TEF if you would like to see more videos on timely toxicology topics.

TEF Video Steering Committee:

Ann de Peyster
San Diego State University (Emeritus)

Mark Lafranconi

Alan Goldberg
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

A. Wallace Hayes
Harvard School of Public Health

Jeffrey Jenkins
Oregon State University

TEF Video Working Group:

Joy Cavagnaro
Access BIO

Michael Dourson
Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment

Marion Ehrich
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

Christine Flowers
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Jeffrey Jenkins
Oregon State University

Tina Levine
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, retired

Lisa Navarro
Givaudan Flavours

Kate Willett
The Humane Society

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