Toxicity testing

Basics of Dose-Response

Introduction: You have just moved into your dream house and discover a secret room which you hadn’t noticed before and which escaped the notice of your home inspection. Once you gain access, you discover numerous amber colored bottles with the traditional skull and crossbones logo emblazoned upon the bottles. You’re rightfully concerned.  Is your house now contaminated and are you at risk to live there?  This Tox Topic was developed to help you understand how to think about potential exposure to chemicals.  By understanding these key concepts, you’ll be better ...

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Hazard vs Risk

Many people find it confusing when toxicologists and others talk about hazard versus risk.  To many, they seem to mean the same thing.  They don’t, and assuming they do can lead people to unnecessarily fear ingredients and other chemicals.  This tox topic is intended to help you understand the differences between hazard and risk and why knowing the difference is important to your health and your effort to keep yourself and your family safe from harmful exposures. Let’s start with definitions. Hazard:  A potential source of danger/harm.  A hazard evaluation ...

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