History of Toxicology

Paracelsus, pictured here, was a 16th century physician and is considered to be the “Father of Toxicology.”  Toxicology as a distinct scientific discipline is fairly modern; however, knowledge of poisons and poisoning incidents date back to ancient times.  Humankind’s desire to assure its health and safety has always been present, but drawing conclusions about harmful chemicals required learning.  Initially this was done by trial and error, where substances were tested to see which were safe and which were best avoided.  Written documents dating back to around ...

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When Good Chemicals Go Bad – A Seminar

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) partnered with the Smithsonian Institution’s Resident Associates program in 2011 to present the full day seminar captured in these videos.  Topics included the history of toxicology, general principles, air and water pollution, environmental epigenomics, nanotoxicology, and alternatives to animal testing.  See the agenda below.  Many of the issues discussed can also be found in more recent or upcoming Tox Topics here on the TEF website.   Please note that although the videos are somewhat longer than others on the TEF site, your ...

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