The Toxicology Education Foundation (TEF) is a non-profit charitable 501 (c)(3) foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of toxicology through access to objective, science-based information on the safety of chemicals and other agents encountered in daily life.

The general public is currently our main target audience but is not the only group TEF relates to.  Our educational materials and initiatives may also be suitable for application in lower or upper grade level classrooms.

We understand that perceptions and personal decisions about chemical exposures can be influenced by many factors beyond known facts and well-substantiated scientific information.  It is our goal that the public faced with making choices about chemical exposures has access to reliable information that will help lead them to make better informed decisions.

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A few more specific objectives of our current projects:

  • Enhance public awareness and understanding of fundamental key principles related to chemical hazards in our homes, workplaces, schools, and general environment. This is vital to ensuring public safety and also promotes sensible decision-making in government about current issues of concern.   It also promotes public support for toxicology research and education.
  • Provide the general public, through our website, with a broad base of readily accessible and reliable sources of information about safety assessment of specific types of exposures that will assist them in making sound, sensible decisions regarding their own potential risks from chemicals, including drugs.


Originally founded by the Society of Toxicology (SOT) as an independent foundation directed by SOT leadership, the Foundation became a wholly independent international charity in 2002. Trustees of the Foundation have been, and continue to be, leaders in the field of toxicology and risk assessment from government, industry, the private sector and academia. The board is international in scope and has included members from the US, Europe, South America and Asia.



Michael Leonard Dourson, PhD, DABT, FATS, FSRA
Professor, Risk Science Center
University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine

Vice President

William H. Farland, PhD, ATS, Website Content
Colorado State University


Tony Ndifor, PhD
Johnson & Johnson

Standing Committee Chairs and Other Trustees

Silvia Berlanga de Moraes Barros, MSc, PhD
University of São Paulo

David W. Cragin, PhD, DABT
Merck Sharp & Dohme

Ann de Peyster, PhD, ATS, Fundraising 
San Diego State University (Emeritus)

John M. DeSesso, PhD, ATS


Suzanne C. Fitzpatrick, PhD, DABT
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Jay W. Gooch, PhD, Marketing/Media
Riffles & Pools Communications LLC

Mark Lafranconi, PhD, DABT

Gladys Ouédraogo, PharmD, PhD
L’Oréal Research and Innovation

Richard D. Phillips, PhD
ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc. (Retired)

Nicole V. Soucy, PhD, DABT

David Steup, PhD, DABT
Shell Oil Company (Retired)

Government Liaison

Philip Wexler, BS, MLS
National Library of Medicine

Administrative Support – Masten Management

Susie Masten, Executive Director

Laurie Wood, Assistant



Support for TEF over the years has come from a wide variety of public and private sources.  Every contribution has meant a lot to us, and this list acknowledges recent and past support, both large and small.  TEF intends to revise this supporter list in the near future to acknowledge contributions according to the giving categories shown in the Donate section of this website.  There you will also see representative projects that we can accomplish with those dollar amounts.   We have also recently launched a new fundraising campaign and hope all of our supporters will continue to contribute to TEF.   Remember that every dollar counts!

3 M
Daniel Acosta
American Chemistry Council
American College of Toxicology
Elizabeth L. Anderson
Gary C. Barbee
Silvia Berlanga Barros
Nancy B. Beck
Bill Berndt
Diann L. Blanset
Herbert Blumenthal
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Bill Brock
Bill Busey
Neal Cariello
Catherine Caraway
Steve and Elly Cohen
C&C Consulting in Toxicology
Charles River Laboratories
Chevron Corporation
David W. Cragin
Barbara Davis
J. Donald deBethizy
Ann de Peyster

John Dent
John and Vera Doull
Michael L. Dourson
Jennifer Duringer
Eastman Charitable Trust
Dave Eaton
Marion F. Ehrich
Betty Eidemiller
David and Rhonda Eigenberg
Electric Power Research Institute
Willem Faber
William Farland
Elaine Faustman
Greg Finch
Food and Drug Administration
General Electric
Stephen Gettings
Steven Gilbert
Givaudan Flavors
Peter Goering
Bernard Goldstein
Elliott Gordon
Gradient Corporation
Stephen Harris
Ralph Hartgrove

Nabil Hatoum
Wally Hayes
Rogene F. Henderson
Ernie Hodgson
International Union of Toxicology
Japanese Society of Toxicology
Jeffrey Jenkins
Phillip A. Johns
Edward Kaminski
Terry Kavanaugh
Brent Kerger
John Kille
Charles J. Kokoski
Bob Krieger
Mark Lafranconi
James and Shawn Lamb
Judy and Jim MacGregor
José Manautou
Fred Martz
Skip Mathews
Sharon A. Meyer
Peter McAnulty
R. Michael McClain
Roger McClellan
Thomas E. McHugh
Jack Moore
MPI Research

Tony Ndifor
Gladys Ouedraogo
Reid Patterson
Pfizer Science & Medical Advocacy
Pfizer Global Research & Development
Richard Phillips
Kenneth Ramos
Deepa Rao
Jack Reynolds
Doug Rickert
Mara Seeley
David Serota
Jon L. Seymour
George Shopp
Robert Snyder
Society for Risk Analysis
Society of Toxicology
Nicole V. Soucy
David Steup
Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment
The DuPage Community Foundation
Bill Valentine
Virginia Tech
Elizabeth Weisburger
Philip Wexler
Nelson Wilson